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Why is a team building activity more effective than a company dinner?

Many companies think that events like an occasional company dinner at Christmas or before the holidays are enough for their workers to connect and be “happy” with the company itself. However, as various studies from the University of Chicago or Harvard have shown, team building is more effective in achieving good results for the company.

                                 What is team building and what benefits does it have?

Team building is the set of activities that aim to unite work teams inside companies. These are activities in which the participation of all group members is encouraged and skills such as communication, creativity, strategic development or problem-solving in order to achieve a common good are reinforced.

Currently, innovative companies like Monkey Donkey specialize in this type of activity, offering original and effective gamification experiences. The aim of Monkey Donkey is to improve the human capital of a company by helping each employee to reach his/her full potential by feeling fully connected to their organization. Team building is a win-win situation for employees and the corporation, as well as making a significant contribution to a company´s bottom line in the long term. Monkey Donkey´s team building services include:

– Live Cluedo games: this is an immersive game in which the workers will become the real protagonists. Each participant will be a character in an exciting story with a mysterious crime in which they will have to find out who the murderer is. In addition, it includes costume accessories that will help them really get into the character, thus experiencing the game to the fullest. All this is directed by a game master who guides and encourages the players so that the experience is unforgettable. Skills that are developed in this type of game include: problem-solving in groups to overcome common problems, strategic development, “thinking outside the box”, practicing persuasion and communication techniques.

– Gymkhanas or portable escape rooms for companies: these are team dynamics in which players will have to solve a mystery or recover a lost object while following a series of clues. These gymkhanas include actors who will surprise the participants. The benefits of these types of games include: the promotion of teamwork, combining each person´s talents to be more effective as a group. This leads to objectives being attained more easily, the improvement of communication skills or becoming more creative as a group.


– Contests: these types of games are directed by a presenter who will put the players to the test with fun dynamics which are typical of a television program. The benefits of this type of games are the following: the development of commercial communication and the promotion of creativity applied to work.

– Online team building activities: if teleworking is established in a company or it has international headquarters that cannot be physically seen, these types of activities should be carried out for companies with the aim of keeping the team together and breaking down the distance barriers. For this reason, Monkey Donkey offer fun online dynamics that are 100% participatory. These include: online escape rooms or virtual contests. The benefits of these types of games are: smoother communication, building a closer relationship between workers and the involvement of all workers.

Any of these corporate activities will represent a milestone for the company.

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