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How Google influenced the development of company activities

Google LLC always appears in the list of the best companies to work for. This is due to the company culture that it has created at its headquarters and delegations, as well as the great way it treats its workers. The following are some of the advantages that Google employees have:
– The creation of new projects is appreciated, and new ideas are rewarded. This helps to create a climate of smooth communication in which workers feel heard and valued.
– They can test services that are still being tested and give their opinion of them. The opinion of its workers helps to modify and improve the new applications which will later be published.
– They provide leisure time for their employees: Within their facilities you can find everything ranging from a gym, with free classes for employees, to armchairs where they can take naps or play areas with table football or video games.
– All workers have access to the TechStop service: 24-hour computer support that makes their work easier at any time.


– The open office design. The decoration and distribution of the workplace is focused on being a collaborative space, where it is easy to get in touch with the different departments.
Although it is difficult to follow Google’s high standards, its success story as a company shows the importance of having happy workers. According to data from Harvard University Business School, if a worker feels dissatisfied with his job, it can cause great damage to the team. For example, situations can occur in which some workers are contaminated by others behavior, creating moments of laziness that turn into unproductive work.
Keeping work teams united and happy not only serves to improve the image of the company, but also creates accomplished and effective people who will strive to get their work done every day. For this, it is very important that the communication between the different departments be direct and cordial.
How can you have happy workers who collaborate with each other? Well, in addition to providing good working conditions, opting for company activities that help unite work teams is a wise move which pays great dividends in the long term. Monkey Donkey is a company which specializes in team building and offer 100% participatory gamification experiences. The aim of these is for employees to solve fun challenges through games in such a way that workers come together to achieve a common goal. Through the game the teams come together in a totally natural way.
What kind of business activities does Monkey Donkey believe are the most effective? Dynamic activities like gymkhanas through the most emblematic areas of the city are an exceptional option to get employees out of their comfort zone and meet each other in an open, external environment. Live Cluedos games come highly recommended as well, as they are a completely immersive experience in which each worker is transformed into a character with specific goals. To achieve these objectives, they will have to learn to communicate without revealing their secrets while strengthening alliances and bonding with the other players. It is undoubtedly one of the most surprising and effective activities for any company. At the same time, the portable escape rooms stand out, where a particular enigma or puzzle is brought to the workplace and must be solved. It is a marvelous opportunity to look on the workspace as a multifaceted, versatile space where creativity and problem-solving reign supreme.
In addition, Monkey Donkey offers personalized advice and tailor-made plans depending on the relevant goals and type of work teams of each company.

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