Contest “Team Show”

The contest that has brought more teams together than Vicente del Bosque

Team Show presencial for team building

What is Team Show all about?

It is a quiz game in which you will be the stars! We present you some team dynamics that will be an exciting challenge incorporating artistic tasks, escape room type tests to experience with your five senses or original relay races.
Thanks to Team Show you will learn a lot more about your teammates: their hobbies, their personality and their hidden talents. Time will fly during this 2 hour game which is jam-packed full of surprises. Every single participant will have an active role and must collaborate with other employees because the team that best adapts will be the winner of this fun competition.

Get ready for a TV style show just for you! It is also available online!

How do you play Team Show?

  • You choose where to play. You can enjoy this curious contest in your company premises, in the place where you are going to hold a meeting, in our premises or online.
  • 2 hours of fun. Our Team Show game lasts for 2 hours and is full of unforgettable moments.
  • Price: €280 (Up to 10 people); + €20 per extra person.
  • Fun tests. Logic challenges, quiz about your partners, relay races, artistic tasks and much more!

What does the Team Show contest include?

juego team show para empresas

Why is this game the best for your company?

  • Our tests will make all team members shine with their own light.
  • It is a perfect activity for companies with workers of different generations.
  • You will know more about your companions without realizing it.
  • During the game we will test your communication skills and your ability to improvise.