¿Cuáles Son Los Trabajadores Más Felices Del Mundo?

Who Are the World’s Happiest Workers?

Ever wondered who the world’s happiest workers are? This article reveals the professions with the highest job satisfaction and explores why teambuilding is a key factor.

Have you ever wondered who the happiest workers in the world are? In this article, we unveil the professions with the highest job satisfaction. What factors contribute to some employees enjoying their work more than others? After thorough research, we’ve found that teamwork, or teambuilding, plays a crucial role in job happiness.

Various studies indicate that some of the happiest workers include the following professions: Doctors and nurses find great satisfaction in helping others and saving lives, despite high pressure and a fast pace. On the other hand, firefighters and emergency personnel risk their lives to protect others, which generates a great sense of pride and personal fulfillment. Teamwork is essential to coordinate efforts in crisis situations.

Teachers are also among the happiest workers due to the deep sense of purpose they find in their educational work, the opportunity to establish meaningful relationships by teaming up with their students, the enjoyment of overcoming challenges and witnessing the progress of these latter, and the continuous opportunities for growth and professional development that teaching offers. These combined elements create a rewarding work environment that nourishes the satisfaction and well-being of teachers in their day-to-day life.

In addition to these, artists and creative individuals feel fulfilled by expressing their creativity and passion through their work, and collaborating with other artists enriches the creative process. Social workers find great satisfaction in helping to improve the lives of vulnerable people, and multidisciplinary team work is crucial for addressing challenges in a comprehensive manner.

So, what do all these professions have in common? Teambuilding plays a fundamental role in the job happiness of these workers. Teambuilding promotes a culture of collaboration, open communication, and mutual support. When employees feel part of a united team, they are more likely to enjoy their work, feel valued, and find purpose in what they do.

Some of the ways teambuilding contributes to job happiness include improving communication and coordination, fostering trust and support, increasing motivation and commitment, reducing stress and anxiety, and stimulating creativity and innovation.

Professions with the happiest workers often are characterized by a strong emphasis on teamwork. Teambuilding is key to fostering a positive work culture, where employees feel valued, motivated, and fulfilled in their work. Therefore, at Monkey Donkey, you will find teambuilding options that will motivate and unite your workers through original gymkhanas in the most emblematic areas of Madrid such as “The Mystery of Goya” or live Cluedos like “Crime in Doublebottom” where participants will become the protagonists of a story full of secrets and entertaining plots.

Regardless of the industry, investing in teambuilding activities can be an effective strategy to improve worker satisfaction and well-being.

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Dinámicas de team building

Unbeatable Team Building Dynamics for Your Company

Selected for their effectiveness in strengthening work teams and their ability to stimulate collaboration and communication, team building offers a variety of effective dynamics to strengthen relationships among team members and improve collective performance. Among these dynamics, role-playing games stand out, where participants assume different roles and scenarios, allowing them to experience different perspectives and develop communication and empathy skills. For example, simulations of work situations or common conflicts at work can be carried out, and participants must find solutions and resolve any issues that arise.

On the other hand, outdoor activities are ideal for fostering collaboration, communication, and teamwork. Activities such as hiking, sports games, or orientation activities can be conducted. These activities allow participants to break away from the daily routine and enjoy a different environment, which helps to strengthen relationships among team members.

Juegos de roles para Team Building

Furthermore, workshops and training sessions are an excellent way to develop specific skills and promote teamwork. Workshops on communication skills, conflict resolution, leadership, creativity, among other relevant topics for the team, can be conducted. These activities allow participants to acquire new skills and knowledge, and strengthen collaboration and synergy among team members.

Lastly, board games and recreational activities are also a fun and effective option to encourage teamwork and collaboration. At Monkey Donkey, innovation and fun are fundamental pillars of their approach to team building. With proposals such as gymkhanas and live clue games, they offer unique experiences that combine entertainment and professional development in an exciting way. For example, in the gymkhana “The Mystery of Goya,” participants dive into an exciting detective game while exploring the historic Paseo del Prado in search of clues to solve the theft of a Goya sketch. This experience promotes fun and learning, allowing participants to relax and enjoy a moment of leisure with their coworkers.

Another proposal is the live clue game “Ghost Case,” where participants become the main characters of the story and must solve the mystery behind the violent death of Lord Cornwell. With unexpected twists and intriguing characters, this game not only challenges participants’ problem-solving skills but also promotes effective communication and team decision-making. With each clue discovered, team members get closer to solving the case, creating a sense of camaraderie and cooperation that transcends the game itself.

The team-building dynamics mentioned in this article are just a few of the many options available. It’s important to tailor the dynamics to the needs and characteristics of each team, ensuring that they are fun, challenging, and meaningful for participants. Remember, the main goal of team building is to create a positive, collaborative, and productive work environment where employees feel motivated and committed to the company. Spice up your life and your work team with these team-building dynamics!

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team building para Navidad

The best team building activity for Christmas

The best team building activity for Christmas is the live Clue game “The Cursed Island”. Experience a fascinating adventure with your work colleagues!

This live Clue game is perfect as a company activity because it perfectly combines fun with dynamics that bring work teams together. In “The Cursed Island” you’ll become pirates seeking revenge and treasure, the native inhabitants of this mystical land, or strange visitors thirsty for adventure. Anything could happen!

The plot of this incredible game unfolds on a mysterious island where a treasure is hidden. Everyone on the island will have a role, secrets to hide, and goals to achieve. To survive and accomplish their mission, they’ll need to form alliances, develop strategies, and learn how to react in unexpected situations. Our island could very well be a company where teamwork is necessary to face everyday challenges. Don’t you think?

Christmas team building activity

In this game, you’ll be the stars of the story. Everyone’s participation is 100% guaranteed! From the beginning to the end, you’ll get into the dynamic by diving into your characters. We’ll also provide you with costume accessories to help immerse you in this epic plot! In “The Cursed Island”, you’ll have to achieve amazing objectives: find a hidden treasure, discover who murdered Pirate Flinn, break a curse, and maybe even find love. Embark on an exciting activity!

No previous experience is needed to play! Our game masters will guide the game, explaining the rules and answering all your questions. We’ll provide you with your character’s backstory, telling you everything you need to start your adventure.

This is a live Clue game with an original theme! Many people associate live Clue games with the Victorian era, but in this case, we’re set in the thrilling period of conquests and pirate tales. Even if someone on the team has played Clue before, they’ve never tried this theme, so the game will be surprising for all participants.

Playing our live Clue game is an ideal Christmas activity because you can do it at a time that best suits your needs. With options to play it during the week or on weekends. You can play at our venue on Avenida de Filipinas, 4, or if you prefer, we can come to your office or the location of your company event.

It’s a perfect activity to do before a company Christmas dinner or lunch. You’ll certainly have plenty of anecdotes from the game to reminisce and laugh about.

Why wait to do a Team Building Madrid activity for Christmas that’s original, fun, and that will bring your team together? Our ship is about to set sail, and we need you on board to be part of an incredible experience!

eventos para cluedo en vivo

Which company events can team building games be included in?

HR managers of many companies often find it tricky to choose the most suitable times to carry out a team building activity. These are some of the best company events where team building activities can really succeed.

– In an incentive trip: Many companies reward their workers with incentive trips as a reward for their commitment and results during the year. It is an ideal option to strengthen the sense of belonging to the company. In addition to including activities such as typical touristic tours or gastronomic experiences, it is advisable to play a team building game too. One example is doing a gymkhana through the most emblematic areas of the city you are visiting. Monkey Donkey offers urban gymkhanas where the participants will experience and participate in fascinating stories: e.g. being detectives for a day, doing a casting for a travel program, solving a paranormal case or becoming real spies for a day. It is quite an immersive experience!
eventos team building para cluedo en vivo
 In a training course: Company training courses usually lasts a day or several days. In order to motivate the participants, it is always advisable to include elements of leisure in the place where the training takes place, in order to make it more interesting and stimulating. Monkey Donkey offer intriguing options like their live Cluedo games in which each participant becomes a character with some exciting objectives to accomplish. It is a fun way to discover the hidden talents of your colleagues, promote the use of strategies and develop analytical skills. All of these soft skills are found while solving a mysterious crime.

– In an online event: If a company is international with several offices in different countries, it will surely hold online events periodically in order to connect with its workers. Many have informal meetings or even official company events with interventions by the CEO or managers. This type of event tends to neglect the active part of workers who often have a passive role. For this reason, it is important to schedule an activity within the event in which their participation is ensured. How is this possible? Playing one of Monkey Donkey’s online escape rooms is a good solution to this problem. Volando Voy or KGB Spy Mission are two safe bets in which the perfect combination of fun and team cohesion is achieved.

– In a rebranding or marketing action: For a marketing event such as the presentation of a new product or a rebranding of a service to obtain notoriety, it is important to make it memorable. Undoubtedly, gamification is ideal in this type of event. There are many options available, ranging from creating a personalized escape room to going on a treasure hunt with clues about the brand, or holding a fun contest. It is important to create experiences where the guests become the protagonists.

On any of these occasions, a gamified team building activity is the ideal option to improve the corporate image of the company and unite its team of workers.

team-building online

Why is a team building activity more effective than a company dinner?

Many companies think that events like an occasional company dinner at Christmas or before the holidays are enough for their workers to connect and be “happy” with the company itself. However, as various studies from the University of Chicago or Harvard have shown, team building is more effective in achieving good results for the company.

                                 What is team building and what benefits does it have?

Team building is the set of activities that aim to unite work teams inside companies. These are activities in which the participation of all group members is encouraged and skills such as communication, creativity, strategic development or problem-solving in order to achieve a common good are reinforced.

Currently, innovative companies like Monkey Donkey specialize in this type of activity, offering original and effective gamification experiences. The aim of Monkey Donkey is to improve the human capital of a company by helping each employee to reach his/her full potential by feeling fully connected to their organization. Team building is a win-win situation for employees and the corporation, as well as making a significant contribution to a company´s bottom line in the long term. Monkey Donkey´s team building services include:

– Live Cluedo games: this is an immersive game in which the workers will become the real protagonists. Each participant will be a character in an exciting story with a mysterious crime in which they will have to find out who the murderer is. In addition, it includes costume accessories that will help them really get into the character, thus experiencing the game to the fullest. All this is directed by a game master who guides and encourages the players so that the experience is unforgettable. Skills that are developed in this type of game include: problem-solving in groups to overcome common problems, strategic development, “thinking outside the box”, practicing persuasion and communication techniques.

– Gymkhanas or portable escape rooms for companies: these are team dynamics in which players will have to solve a mystery or recover a lost object while following a series of clues. These gymkhanas include actors who will surprise the participants. The benefits of these types of games include: the promotion of teamwork, combining each person´s talents to be more effective as a group. This leads to objectives being attained more easily, the improvement of communication skills or becoming more creative as a group.


– Contests: these types of games are directed by a presenter who will put the players to the test with fun dynamics which are typical of a television program. The benefits of this type of games are the following: the development of commercial communication and the promotion of creativity applied to work.

– Online team building activities: if teleworking is established in a company or it has international headquarters that cannot be physically seen, these types of activities should be carried out for companies with the aim of keeping the team together and breaking down the distance barriers. For this reason, Monkey Donkey offer fun online dynamics that are 100% participatory. These include: online escape rooms or virtual contests. The benefits of these types of games are: smoother communication, building a closer relationship between workers and the involvement of all workers.

Any of these corporate activities will represent a milestone for the company.

google para actividades de empresas

How Google influenced the development of company activities

Google LLC always appears in the list of the best companies to work for. This is due to the company culture that it has created at its headquarters and delegations, as well as the great way it treats its workers. The following are some of the advantages that Google employees have:
– The creation of new projects is appreciated, and new ideas are rewarded. This helps to create a climate of smooth communication in which workers feel heard and valued.
– They can test services that are still being tested and give their opinion of them. The opinion of its workers helps to modify and improve the new applications which will later be published.
– They provide leisure time for their employees: Within their facilities you can find everything ranging from a gym, with free classes for employees, to armchairs where they can take naps or play areas with table football or video games.
– All workers have access to the TechStop service: 24-hour computer support that makes their work easier at any time.


– The open office design. The decoration and distribution of the workplace is focused on being a collaborative space, where it is easy to get in touch with the different departments.
Although it is difficult to follow Google’s high standards, its success story as a company shows the importance of having happy workers. According to data from Harvard University Business School, if a worker feels dissatisfied with his job, it can cause great damage to the team. For example, situations can occur in which some workers are contaminated by others behavior, creating moments of laziness that turn into unproductive work.
Keeping work teams united and happy not only serves to improve the image of the company, but also creates accomplished and effective people who will strive to get their work done every day. For this, it is very important that the communication between the different departments be direct and cordial.
How can you have happy workers who collaborate with each other? Well, in addition to providing good working conditions, opting for company activities that help unite work teams is a wise move which pays great dividends in the long term. Monkey Donkey is a company which specializes in team building and offer 100% participatory gamification experiences. The aim of these is for employees to solve fun challenges through games in such a way that workers come together to achieve a common goal. Through the game the teams come together in a totally natural way.
What kind of business activities does Monkey Donkey believe are the most effective? Dynamic activities like gymkhanas through the most emblematic areas of the city are an exceptional option to get employees out of their comfort zone and meet each other in an open, external environment. Live Cluedos games come highly recommended as well, as they are a completely immersive experience in which each worker is transformed into a character with specific goals. To achieve these objectives, they will have to learn to communicate without revealing their secrets while strengthening alliances and bonding with the other players. It is undoubtedly one of the most surprising and effective activities for any company. At the same time, the portable escape rooms stand out, where a particular enigma or puzzle is brought to the workplace and must be solved. It is a marvelous opportunity to look on the workspace as a multifaceted, versatile space where creativity and problem-solving reign supreme.
In addition, Monkey Donkey offers personalized advice and tailor-made plans depending on the relevant goals and type of work teams of each company.