Flying I Go Online

Prepare your suitcase and travel with your companions through your screen.

volondo voy en linea

The story of the game

  • Passengers flying to the Maldives, we have an important announcement to make to you!
  • Imagine in the middle of a virtual meeting or an online team building event, some flight attendants show up to tell you that your flight is overbooked and that there are only seats available for the winners of an exciting game.
  • It consists of an online team building game that combines escape room type tests with the dynamics of a contest!

Fun is guaranteed from the very first minute! Welcome aboard!

How do you play Flying I Go online?

  • The game in competition mode. We will divide you into small teams so that you all have an active role.
  • 2 hours or a custom time that suits you. The duration of the game is 2 hours, although it can be adapted to your needs.
  • Original App with no installation necessary. The game is carried out through an easy-to-use application that is accessed via a link.
  • Online meeting. To bring the general group and the teams together, applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet will be used.
  • Mind blowing tasks. You will overcome incredible logic challenges, and you will travel from your computer and perform improvisation tasks with our hostesses.
team building Volando Voy Online

What does the Flying I Go online game include?

Why is it the perfect online team building activity for your team?

  • Due to the theme and type of tests, it is highly recommended for international teams.
  • It is the ideal game for work groups of different generations.
  • The variety of tests will keep all team members interested.
  • Flying I Go online improves communication and encourages teamwork from beginning to end.
teambuilding volando voy