One of the main advantages of doing a face-to-face Team Building activity is that it helps work teams to reconnect in an environment which is outside their comfort zone.


In our face-to-face Team Building dynamics, participants will be able to develop creativity, problem-solving capacity and team strategy while enjoying a unique experience.

Gymkhanas – Our outdoor games are the perfect opportunity to discover amazing corners of the city. Madrid becomes the scene of incredible stories. These gymkhanas are the perfect activity for local companies, or for companies that have international workers or even those that visit the city for a few days to hold meetings or training. It is a refreshing activity for employees.

They are 100% immersive outdoor games in which our players transform into detectives, television presenters or mysterious spies for a few hours. Our live actors help create a special atmosphere that will immerse the participants in each story and it is a very engaging and exciting activity for employees.

Our gymkhanas have interesting challenges for everyone. We are totally aware that in each team there are members with different abilities and preferences. After all, each employee has a different personality.  Therefore, the variety of our tests is perfect for a different participant to shine at each moment. Each game has different puzzles. There are fun, logic puzzles, exciting search puzzles, and fun improvisation challenges with our live actors.

If you have an international team, don’t miss our gymkhanas – “The Mystery of Goya” and “You do Travel” in English!

Live Cluedo games – A totally different type of face-to-face Team Building experience. In these games you will become the protagonists of an incredible story full of mysteries.

Each of you will be transformed for a few hours into a character with objectives that you must achieve by collaborating with the right people. In addition, you will have to identify who is lying or hiding information. It is an exciting game in which you, with your decisions and alliances, decide how the story will end.

In our live cluedo games you will solve enigmatic crimes and take on the role of detective, murderer, or accomplice. You will all have an important role with your own story and goals. The participation of all players is 100% guaranteed.

Depending on the number of participants you can choose one theme or another. The live cluedo game that works the best in face-to-face team building is “Crime in Double bottom”. It is set in the Victorian era and you will be transformed into some incredible characters.

A live cluedo game is a highly recommended Team Building activity to improve communication between workers, recruit new team members or motivate co-workers.

Contests – If what you are looking for is a contest-type game to motivate your workers, we recommend “Team Show”. In this contest you will have non-stop fun while you discover new unknown facets of your co-workers.

You will enjoy specific tests which are full of dynamism and creativity. They are guaranteed to improve your improvisation skills and your strategic ability. We will bring out your artistic side and even enhance your power of persuasion.

Time will fly by while you have fun playing “Team Show” in designated teams.

You can play our cluedo games live or take part in our wonderful contests at our business premises on Avenida de Filipinas, 4 or at your facilities.

We will ensure that your next face-to-face Team Building experience is an unforgettable one!