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The gymkhana for companies
with the most adventurous spirit

An important television channel is looking for presenters for its new travel program and you have been summoned to this curious casting.
Only the most intrepid teams will be able to prove that they are the best travelers and will win this fun competition.
It involves 2 hours of amazing tests in the Latina neighborhood where you will complete curious puzzles, fascinating search tasks and discover secret places that will really impress you.
In addition, you will love the tests of our casting directors which are enjoyed with all five senses.
tu si que viajas grupo de jugadores

It is the perfect gymkhana if you want to travel without leaving Madrid while the participants work closely as a team.

What does this gymkhana include?

Actors who will surprise you
with improvisation tasks.

Duration: 2 hours - 2 hours 15 minutes

Physical materials
that will make you travel the world

Exclusive and user-friendly App
to follow the game

How do we play?

In this globally adventurous casting, we will divide you into teams to determine who are the best adventurers.
Incredible logic challenges await you related to modes of transportation, culture, traditions, or gastronomy of other countries. You will also have remarkable search tasks and photo tasks in which you will discover spectacular secret corners of the La Latina neighborhood that will leave you speechless. You will access these tasks through our 100% original App, which does not require download or installation.
Each team will have a traveler’s kit to overcome each of these astonishing challenges. As in any group of adventurers, participants will have to learn to find solutions to unexpected situations, manage their time, and know how to choose the tasks they are going to perform to be as effective as possible. It will be an unforgettable experience in which players will grow closer without realizing it!
Our actors will not be missing, taking on the role of casting directors and proposing the most fun team challenges!

Get your passport ready!

Why you’ll love

Get Your Trip

as a team building activity?

tu si que viajas team building

You will discover secret corners of Madrid; perfect for companies with international workers.

tu si que viajas

The work teams will come together to carry out an activity packed with new challenges

tu si que viajas foto

Communication between participants will improve and all barriers will be broken

tu si que viajas con monkey donkey

It is a 100% participatory game in which all team members have talents to contribute