The Mystery
of Goya

This is an exciting gymkhana in which
you´ll follow a fun police investigation as a team!

What is the history about?

A priceless work of art is in danger of being lost forever! The police will do everything possible in their power to recover it, and for this reason, they have summoned you!
You will all have to work together as a team to decipher the clues that the thief has left behind and find the place where the artwork is hidden.
It is an exciting 2 hour race against the clock in which there is only one winner.
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This immersive experience includes live actors that will surprise and test you during the game.

Which teams will prove that they are the best detectives?

What does this activity include?


Live actors who will test you.


Duration: 2 hours to 2 hours and 15 minutes

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Difficulty level: Medium


Materials to become Sherlock Holmes for a day


An Option to play the game in English


Fun Dynamics that will unite the team

How do we play?

This incredible detective scavenger hunt will captivate you with its thrilling race-against-time competition format. The excitement starts with team division as you aim to be the first to recover a priceless work of art. During this team building activity, team members naturally bond with each other. Each challenge overcome is an incentive to progress together and strive for a common goal. The Mystery of Goya is a game designed for every participant to integrate a talent or contribute a value. Our entertaining logic challenges require the whole team to seek imaginative solutions. We will test your orientation skills, deductive abilities, and spatial reasoning in an original and interesting way. Moreover, in this team building activity, we will boost your creativity with our absolutely fun team artistic dynamics. By solving each challenge, you can proceed to the next clue in a treasure hunt style where you will discover fascinating corners and stories from the Paseo del Prado area. To overcome this spectacular challenge, you will be equipped with a spy kit filled with 100% unique printed and digital materials. You will not be alone in this adventure, our actors will surprise you with astonishing tasks that will bring out your best smiles! 

Will you manage to overcome the thief’s challenge?

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Why is it the ideal

Team Building Activity


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It is a 100% participatory game. The players are the protagonists.

team building goya

The combination of the team’s talents will lead to the success of the mission.

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Fun and teamwork are its main ingredients.

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Its dynamics are perfect for uniting teams or introducing new employees to a company.