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The best team building activity for Christmas

The best team building activity for Christmas is the live Clue game “The Cursed Island”. Experience a fascinating adventure with your work colleagues!

This live Clue game is perfect as a company activity because it perfectly combines fun with dynamics that bring work teams together. In “The Cursed Island” you’ll become pirates seeking revenge and treasure, the native inhabitants of this mystical land, or strange visitors thirsty for adventure. Anything could happen!

The plot of this incredible game unfolds on a mysterious island where a treasure is hidden. Everyone on the island will have a role, secrets to hide, and goals to achieve. To survive and accomplish their mission, they’ll need to form alliances, develop strategies, and learn how to react in unexpected situations. Our island could very well be a company where teamwork is necessary to face everyday challenges. Don’t you think?

Christmas team building activity

In this game, you’ll be the stars of the story. Everyone’s participation is 100% guaranteed! From the beginning to the end, you’ll get into the dynamic by diving into your characters. We’ll also provide you with costume accessories to help immerse you in this epic plot! In “The Cursed Island”, you’ll have to achieve amazing objectives: find a hidden treasure, discover who murdered Pirate Flinn, break a curse, and maybe even find love. Embark on an exciting activity!

No previous experience is needed to play! Our game masters will guide the game, explaining the rules and answering all your questions. We’ll provide you with your character’s backstory, telling you everything you need to start your adventure.

This is a live Clue game with an original theme! Many people associate live Clue games with the Victorian era, but in this case, we’re set in the thrilling period of conquests and pirate tales. Even if someone on the team has played Clue before, they’ve never tried this theme, so the game will be surprising for all participants.

Playing our live Clue game is an ideal Christmas activity because you can do it at a time that best suits your needs. With options to play it during the week or on weekends. You can play at our venue on Avenida de Filipinas, 4, or if you prefer, we can come to your office or the location of your company event.

It’s a perfect activity to do before a company Christmas dinner or lunch. You’ll certainly have plenty of anecdotes from the game to reminisce and laugh about.

Why wait to do a Team Building Madrid activity for Christmas that’s original, fun, and that will bring your team together? Our ship is about to set sail, and we need you on board to be part of an incredible experience!

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