A Glimpse into Our Story

Before venturing into team building, we already knew the significance of fostering teamwork. That’s why we always engaged in such activities while working at our previous tourism company. We are an enthusiastic and active team, driven by the desire to enjoy and ensure our clients have incredible experiences.

The advent of COVID-19 prompted us to reinvent ourselves and embark on this project to unite teams that were, quite literally, distanced. Initially, we offered online or outdoor activities, and later on, innovative games like our live Cluedos. The warm reception from companies showed us that joy and cohesion among people are indispensable in the workplace. This motivates us daily to continue developing Teambuilding Madrid.

Why Choose One of Our Activities?

The perfect team building activity should incorporate fun dynamics that promote teamwork and create an immersive environment that engages all participants. The goal is for them to have an experience that will always remind them of their colleagues and the company that brought them together. Based on this, we have developed our team building activities.

At Team Building Madrid, We Offer Options Tailored to Your Needs and Goals.

Our gymkhanas are ideal for those looking for an outdoor activity where players step out of their comfort zone. We have dedicated ourselves to creating original plots and testing you with team tasks in which every participant shines. We also offer gymkhanas in English for international groups!

The live Cluedos at Team Building Madrid are a 100% immersive experience. We have developed live Cluedo games with the most amazing stories and the most elaborate characters, so you can become the true protagonists of the game. It’s an ideal team building activity for developing alliances and strategies within a work team! You can enjoy our Cluedos at our venue or your workplace.

If you’re looking for a team building activity option to unite the talents of your workers, don’t miss our portable escape rooms and our quizzes. We design these games so that players have to contribute ideas, find solutions, and row in one direction to overcome our challenges. Each test is different and captures the participants’ excitement each time they solve one of our puzzles. It’s a perfect option to bring to your workplace!

What Are You Waiting For? Experience a Team Building Madrid Adventure Together!