An effective online Team Building activity must break all distance barriers and achieve the involvement of all participants.

Technological advances have allowed thousands of companies to organize their employees in a teleworking environment. Although this has its advantages, sometimes it causes relations between workers to suffer.

For this reason, it is essential to carry out online Team Building activities that reconnect people so as to improve communication and foster a feeling of belonging to the company.

Our main objective is to offer unforgettable online Team Building sessions that unite your team.

ONLINE ESCAPE ROOMS + CONTESTS – Our online games are a mix between an online escape room and a contest. It is the perfect combination of exciting logic puzzles, typical of escapes, along with fun team competition tests. 

Each of our games has its own App, which does not require any installation and is easy and intuitive to use. It will enable you to carry out the most amazing missions. In addition, you will also find amazing tests in the App in the form of curious logic challenges and geolocation tasks. This can all be done at home, thanks to the amazing remote dynamics with our live actors and, of course the fun team photo tasks. You will be unlocking tests that will allow you to add points to try to become the winners.

The rhythm will not stop during the game and there will be moments in which you will interact with all the participants but there will also be some time to carry out the mission with your own team and moments with other teams in which you will do entertaining tests involving direct competition.

All of our online games have fascinating themes that our live actors will immerse you in. In Flying I Go, you will compete to be the winner of a trip to the Maldives. Our hostesses will put you to the test while you show that you are the team with the most adventurous spirit. It is an exciting game that will make you embark on a journey towards fun!

Lovers of spy stories cannot miss KGB: Madrid Mission. It is a crazy adventure in which our KGB agents will propose hilarious tests where you will show that you can be part of this secret organization. Get ready for the craziest mission of your life!

We adapt to your needs and timing by adjusting the duration of the game. Although our online dynamics last 2 hours, we can reduce it depending on your preferences.

Both games are available in Spanish and English, adapting the tasks so that any participant, regardless of their nationality, can enjoy the experience and participate actively.

Dare to live an experience that will cross your screen!