Madrid Missión

An exciting spy gymkhana through the streets of the city!

The Story of the Game

Code red!
You have been summoned by the most famous espionage organization in the world to see if you have what it takes to become secret agents.
Prepare to face off against the Colonel and his comrades in some incredible tests that will impress you as you perform live in the game.
It is an open-air gymkhana in the Colón area that will teach you about secrets of the city that you never knew about while you feel like you’re inside a spy plot which is full of surprises.
There can only be one winner. Are you ready for a mission you won’t forget?
Gymkana para empresas "KGB Missión Madrid"

Get ready for a treasure hunt where you will discover one of the most unknown areas of Madrid!

What does the gymkhana KGB: Mission Madrid include?

Live characters that will leave you speechless

Duration: 2 hours - 2 hours 15 minutes

Difficulty level: Medium

Exclusive game App that does not require installation or download

Spy Kit to accomplish this crazy mission

Unforgettable moments with your co-workers

How do we play?

For a few hours, you will immerse yourselves in a secret agents’ story through the streets of Madrid, competing in teams to become the best spies.

Each team will transform into a commando unit that must solve the most outrageous spy-themed challenges. In this team building activity, players learn to behave as a united group by deciding how to manage their time, choosing the order of tasks, and developing strategies to win. In this way, they step out of their comfort zone while each member assumes roles typical of any spy team.

This motivating mission includes a bag with tools and resources that will help each team complete it. Additionally, the agents will have access to our exclusive App, which is easy to use and does not require prior installation. Within this App, you will find the most incredible logic challenges: areas related to secret codes, cinema, or hidden messages that will give you clues, etc. Furthermore, you will have geolocation tests and exciting photo tasks that will transport you to great spy stories.

Fun is guaranteed with the interventions of our actors who will appear as high-ranking KGB officials to test the brave spies.

Embark on the adventure, comrades!

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Why is it

the ideal game

for your work team?

porque jugar kgb

Connect the participants right from the start with unique tests.

como juega kgb

Helps to promote creativity and the development of team strategies.

Encourage teamwork with a new and interesting activity for the participants.

agentes kgb

It is a recommended game for connecting teams that do not know each other in-depth.