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Which company events can team building games be included in?

HR managers of many companies often find it tricky to choose the most suitable times to carry out a team building activity. These are some of the best company events where team building activities can really succeed.

– In an incentive trip: Many companies reward their workers with incentive trips as a reward for their commitment and results during the year. It is an ideal option to strengthen the sense of belonging to the company. In addition to including activities such as typical touristic tours or gastronomic experiences, it is advisable to play a team building game too. One example is doing a gymkhana through the most emblematic areas of the city you are visiting. Monkey Donkey offers urban gymkhanas where the participants will experience and participate in fascinating stories: e.g. being detectives for a day, doing a casting for a travel program, solving a paranormal case or becoming real spies for a day. It is quite an immersive experience!
eventos team building para cluedo en vivo
 In a training course: Company training courses usually lasts a day or several days. In order to motivate the participants, it is always advisable to include elements of leisure in the place where the training takes place, in order to make it more interesting and stimulating. Monkey Donkey offer intriguing options like their live Cluedo games in which each participant becomes a character with some exciting objectives to accomplish. It is a fun way to discover the hidden talents of your colleagues, promote the use of strategies and develop analytical skills. All of these soft skills are found while solving a mysterious crime.

– In an online event: If a company is international with several offices in different countries, it will surely hold online events periodically in order to connect with its workers. Many have informal meetings or even official company events with interventions by the CEO or managers. This type of event tends to neglect the active part of workers who often have a passive role. For this reason, it is important to schedule an activity within the event in which their participation is ensured. How is this possible? Playing one of Monkey Donkey’s online escape rooms is a good solution to this problem. Volando Voy or KGB Spy Mission are two safe bets in which the perfect combination of fun and team cohesion is achieved.

– In a rebranding or marketing action: For a marketing event such as the presentation of a new product or a rebranding of a service to obtain notoriety, it is important to make it memorable. Undoubtedly, gamification is ideal in this type of event. There are many options available, ranging from creating a personalized escape room to going on a treasure hunt with clues about the brand, or holding a fun contest. It is important to create experiences where the guests become the protagonists.

On any of these occasions, a gamified team building activity is the ideal option to improve the corporate image of the company and unite its team of workers.

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