We bring the fun of an escape room to your office!


What is this story about?

A mysterious message from a relative you did not know invites you to participate in a curious game. Those who prove their harmony by working as a team and are able to decipher Uncle Harold’s most curious riddles will be able to get the multi-million dollar inheritance from him. Who will be the lucky ones? This is a fun game with all the elements of a portable escape room, full of surprising puzzles.

Our live actors will immerse you in this curious plot where the main thing is the unity of the team!

How do you play Uncle Harold’s Inheritance?

  • Competition mode. We will divide you into small teams so that everyone can have an active role.
  • There are plenty of fun challenges. This game has a wide variety of tests that add dynamism to the activity.
  • You decide the place. You can play in our premises, in your own office or in another venue where you are holding an event.
  • It lasts 2 hours. Although the game normally lasts an average of 2 hours, you can adjust the time to your needs.

What is included in Uncle Harold’s Inheritance?

Why is this portable escape room your best choice?

  • It is a game that can be adapted to many spaces (both indoors and outdoors).
  • This portable escape room is perfect for teams that have new members and want to start getting to know each other.
  • The plot and the tests can be customized based on event goals.
  • The variety of tests will ensure that participants do not lose interest at any time during the activity.