KGB: Spy Mission Online

A crazy virtual adventure that will captivate you!

The Story of the Game

Have you ever wanted to feel like you’re in a spy movie? Or become secret agents? Well, our colonel and his agents are waiting for you to complete a fun-filled mission. Only the best will be able to overcome it and become members of our spy organization.
What kind of tests will players have in this hilarious mission? Exciting puzzles, tasks to locate objects on the screen and, above all, amazing dynamics with our actors that will make you smile and laugh.

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How do you play KGB: Spy Mission online?

  • It is divided into teams. This online game is in competition mode and groups of maximum 5-6 people are formed.
  • 2 hours long. Although the standard duration is 2 hours, we can adapt it to the time you need.
  • Online game. You only need a computer and an Internet connection to play. The meeting will be done through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.
  • App of the game. We have a very intuitive and easy-to-use application that does not require installation. It is accessed through a link.
  • Spy themed tests. Amazing logic challenges, fast-paced online searches and tasks with agents that you will love.
kgb online

What does the online game KGB: Spy Mission include?

Why is this online game made for your company?

  • It is a challenge that will unite teams that work remotely in a fun and original way.
  • The participation of all team members is guaranteed.
  • It is a dynamic online team building activity that maintains a high level of excitement among all the participants.
  • Players will forget that this is a distance activity and will feel closer to their teammates.