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The Most Surprising Team Building Activities

Discover the most surprising team building activities that are an excellent way to strengthen bonds and foster collaborative work.

Our escape rooms at Monkey Donkey, “Volando Voy” and “Uncle Harold’s Inheritance,” provide the opportunity to solve mysteries and puzzles directly in your office or any location of your choice.

“Volando Voy” is an exciting activity that promises to take participants on a journey full of fun and challenges. In this experience, teams find themselves at an airport ready to fly to the Bahamas, but due to an overbooking issue, only one team will be able to board. The game’s flight attendants will test the teams to determine which is the most travel-savvy through escape room-style challenges and dynamic competition activities.

“Uncle Harold’s Inheritance” is an experience that brings the fun and mystery of an escape room directly to your office or any location of your choice. In this adventure, participants receive a mysterious message from an unknown relative inviting them to an intriguing game. Teams that demonstrate their ability to work together and solve Uncle Harold’s curious puzzles will have the chance to inherit his multimillion-dollar fortune.

Inspired by the famous TV show, Calandria invites you to participate in the Masterchef Contest, which turns participants into chefs for a day. Teams compete to prepare the most delicious and creative dishes while developing teamwork and leadership skills under pressure. It’s a perfect opportunity for team members to showcase their culinary talents and learn from each other.

Another unique activity is wine painting offered by Art & Wine. It combines art and wine tasting in a relaxing and stimulating activity. Participants enjoy a wine tasting while creating their own piece of art. It’s not only a way to unleash creativity but also to learn about wines and enjoy the company of colleagues in a laid-back setting.

Tuset Events uses laughter as a tool to improve participants’ health and well-being. Through group games and exercises, laughter therapy helps to reduce stress, improve communication, and increase team cohesion. It’s an excellent way to break the ice and create a happier and more productive work environment.

In the digital age, why not incorporate technology into your team building? Organize a technological gymkhana with Madrid and You, where teams must complete challenges using mobile devices or apps. From hunting QR codes to solving augmented reality puzzles, this activity is perfect for tech-savvy and innovation-loving teams.

These activities are not only original and fun but also offer tangible benefits for team development and corporate culture. When planning your next team building gymkhana, consider including these options for an unforgettable and enriching experience for all participants.

Celia de la Fuente Barba

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